Request medication


For those patients who have multiple prescriptions pre-payment certificates (available from pharmacies) can be cost effective.

Repeat prescriptions can be ordered from the surgery:

– by using Patient Access. By registering for this service you can request your medications directly from our clinical system. This method is the most efficient and accurate.

– by post – please include a stamped addressed envelope if wish the prescription to be returned by post

– by dropping in the ‘repeat slip’ from your with appropriate items marked in the box in the surgery porch (this is emptied several times a day to hasten processing of your request).

In order to minimise errors we no longer accept repeat medication requests by phone. Prescriptions are not routinely faxed to pharmacies at patient request.

We also support pharmacy2u and ordering/collection by local chemists. If you would like one of the local chemists to collect your prescription, please ask one of the receptionists if this is possible.

Which ever method you use we request that you are aware of the following points:

– Please allow two working days (excluding weekends) between request and collection – please try not to leave it until you have/have almost run out  before you request further medication.

– If possible please allow extra time around Bank Holidays as this can be a very busy time

– You will be asked to see the doctor/nurse/clinical pharmacist from time to time for a review of your medication.


Requesting new medication

If new medication has been suggested following an outpatient appointment this will be communicated to us by letter and medications added to your prescription. We will contact you to inform you of these changes to your medication in case you have not been aware of them. You may have been given a prescription request in advance of any formal letter from clinic or have a copy of your discharge letter following an inpatient stay. If this is the case please drop this into the surgery – the medications will be added and a prescription issued – please allow two working days for this as in the case of repeat prescriptions. You may  have been sent a copy of the clinic letter which we receive. If this is the case there is not normally any need for you to bring this to us as we will action any changes on receipt of our copy.