Make an appointment

Online Appointments are released on a daily basis (including at weekends) at 8.30am

You can book your appointment online with patient access to see any doctor.  There are a variety of options available during working hours of Monday to Friday:

Same day

Next Day

Two (2) Days in Advance

Four (4) Days in Advance

Seven (7) Days in Advance

One Month in Advance


When you ring a brief history of your complaint/condition will be taken before a course of action will be agreed. If appropriate, an appointment will be made. If you request to see a specific Doctor this can be arranged, dependent on availability. Appointments can normally be made up to four weeks in advance.


When you call there may be the following alternative options:

An appointment may be made with one of the Practice Nurses who can deal with a large variety of complaints/conditions that you may have previously seen a Doctor for.

Review of an ongoing complaint/condition may be possible without the need for an appointment.

Treatment may be commenced (with or without planned follow up).

Investigations may be arranged prior to an appointment.

Verbal advice may be all that is required.


We ask that requests for appointments are made between 0830 – 1130 in order to help us manage the workload of the day.


We appreciate that this style of appointment system is different from those you may have experienced elsewhere and we hope that you do not see it as a barrier to getting an appointment.


Benefits of the appointment assessment system (triage)


There are benefits to this system that may not be at first obvious. These include:

Some problems may be sorted without the need for you to come to the surgery for an appointment.

Investigations can be arranged prior to appointments to increase efficiency and hasten diagnosis and treatment.

If it is more appropriate for you to see a particular Doctor for reasons that you may not be aware of then this can be arranged at this initial stage and hence increase efficiency, hasten diagnosis and treatment.

An appropriate amount of time can be dedicated to deal with your complaint(s) – this helps us to avoid the ‘one patient – one problem’ approach adopted by some practices.

Follow up appointments

If you have already been seen and the Doctor has planned follow up they will have documented this and there is no need to use the Appointment Assessment System. Simply tell the receptionist that this is what has been planned and they will make an appointment as appropriate (normally available up to two weeks in advance).


Extended Hours Surgeries


We offer various appointments outside of traditional surgery hours. Please check with reception for availability of these.