Measles and the MMR vaccine

Measles isn’t trivial. It’s a very infectious, nasty illness which, in rare cases, can be fatal. About one in five children with measles experiences complications such as ear infections, diarrhoea and vomiting, pneumonia, meningitis and eye disorders. One in 10 children with measles ends up in hospital. There is no treatment for measles. Vaccination is the only way of preventing it.

It’s never too late for your children (or yourself) to ‘catch up’ with MMR vaccination if they/you missed it earlier. Children up to the age of 18 and adults without immunity should have a catch-up MMR vaccination

If you are unsure whether your children have been vaccinated against measles before, then go ahead and arrange to have them vaccinated again. It won’t hurt them to have the MMR vaccination a second or third time.

Adults who are unsure whether they’ve had measles or been vaccinated, particularly if they’re carers or work with children, can have the MMR vaccine on the NHS. Bear in mind that most adults born before 1970 are likely to be immune because they have probably been exposed to measles already.

Please speak to reception who will arrange an appropriate appointment for you.

Click here to visit the NHS Choices site regarding measles