My long term condition



If you have been diagnosed with a long term condition/illness it is important that you continue to be monitored to ensure that you are getting the most up to date treatment and getting the most out of you medication.


Such monitoring will take place at the surgery, at hospital out patients or a combination of the two. If you are being seen at hospital we will do our best to avoid duplicating reviews as we are very aware that this can take up your valuable time. However, we are aware that many patients who are seen in hospitals also benefit from review in General Practice as these can address other issues and may clarify matters. We will not exclude you from reviews with the surgery just because you have been seen in an outpatient clinic.


We normally request that all patients on regular/long term medications are reviewed on an annual basis. There may be some variations to this with your specific condition and you should be guided by the nurse or doctor.


We understand that with busy lives such things may be overlooked. Your review date is on the ‘repeats side’ of your prescriptions and should be aligned with your birthday.


There are various ways in which we will contact you for recall regarding long term conditions. Please ensure that we have the correct phone number to contact you on.

There may be times where we contact you via email, if you would like us to contact you in this way please submit your email address. We will not pass your email address on to any third party and will treat it with the same level of confidentiality as we do all your other personal details. The same levels of confidentiality and security apply if we use any mailing/survey services.


A lot of the monitoring of long term conditions is now undertaken by nurses both in hospital  and in general practice. At Wake Green Surgery the Doctors and nursing teams work closely together and any queries/concerns will be shared across the teams. Often plans regarding treatment will have been made and discussed prior you coming for review especially if you have had preliminary blood tests.


Certain doctors within the practice have specific areas of expertise regarding the various long term conditions and on occasion you may be asked to see one of these for a review.