Message from the chairperson

Welcome to your Patient Participation Group  (PPG) (previously known as Patient Panel)

My name is Ann Burness and I have been the Chair of the Wake Green Patient Group since October 2014 following Jon James decision to stand down as Chair after serving since 2010 when the group was first set up.

I have been a patient at the Surgery since moving to Birmingham from Cornwall in 1980 although I am originally from North Wales.  I have been a member of the Group since it began in 2010.   There are currently at least 10 members of the group and we meet every 2 months in the Surgery.  The Practice Manager and a Doctor also attend the meetings.  We have an agreed Terms of Reference and produce minutes of the meetings which are posted on the web site and on our notice board in the surgery.

As I am sure people are aware, it was hoped that the Surgery was to move to new premises at the Meteor Ford site and when the group was first set up we hoped we would be getting involved in sorting out colours of walls and carpets etc! After 5 years and considerable frustration for the Practice, there is still no sign of a move but I understand it is a case of watch this space so we are ever hopeful.

In September 2015 the Group held its first Awareness Session at the surgery which is something that takes place nationally during the month of June.  A number of us attended the surgery during the week and handed out a list of our achievements to date and a comment sheet for people to contact us with any queries they may have.  We felt this was a very successful event and we spoke to over 120 patients during the week. I hope we can build on this for next year by involving other agencies such as the Carers Hub and Age UK to share their information for patients.

As we all know, the NHS is going through a very difficult time with huge changes and the role of the Group is to help improve the experience for patients by working together with the surgery and the patients.  I feel some considerable improvements have been made since the Group was set up and we would like this to continue by asking for your feedback and comments. There is a comments box in the surgery or you can email us at or telephone me on 0121 449 4674.