Industrial action by doctors on Thursday 21 June


You may have heard that doctors have voted to take part in a day of action in protest at government changes to NHS pensions.  This action is due to take place on Thursday 21 June.


Why we are taking action


This is the first time in nearly forty years that doctors have taken industrial action.  We are doing so reluctantly and only after every other avenue to bring the Government back to negotiations has been tried.  We are not seeking a better deal or special treatment for doctors, but a fair deal on NHS pensions. If you would like more information on the reasons why doctors are taking action please visit


We are sorry if you will be affected by the day of action, but please rest assured that patient safety on the day will be our priority and if you feel your problem is urgent you will be seen.


This practice


All of the doctors in this practice are supporting in the industrial action.  Even though we are taking part in industrial action patient safety will be our absolute priority so all doctors will be in the practice as usual and all emergency care, or other care that patients urgently need, will be provided.


If you require urgent or emergency care on 21 June


If you need to see a doctor for something that is urgent or is an emergency, please call the practice in the normal way.  We will see or speak to you if you feel your problem is urgent. As would usually be the case, we may ask you over the phone to describe your symptoms so that we can judge whether or not you need to come in to the surgery.  Surgery opening hours will be the same as usual 7.30am to 7pm.


Routine appointments on 21 June


If you already had a routine appointment booked for 21 June this will have been cancelled and rearranged for the next available appointment. We will not be making routine appointments for other days on 21 June, but you will be able to do this, as usual, before or after the day of action.


Nurse appointments


Although the doctors in the practice are taking industrial action, appointments with nurses in the practice will go ahead.




Urgent prescription requests will be processed, but due to the industrial action, and not routine requests.  You will still be able to hand your routine prescription in on 21st June but it will be dealt with after the day of action.


Hospital appointments


Many hospital doctors will also be taking industrial action. This is likely to involve the postponement of routine operations and non-urgent appointments. However, anyone whose condition requires urgent care or investigation that day will be dealt with. Which cases are being postponed is being decided through advance planning between doctors and the hospital. If you are affected the hospital should contact you. However, if you are in any doubt please contact the hospital directly.


A letter from the British Medical Association