We offer a full range of contraception services.



Emergency contraception:


Emergency contraception is available from the surgery. It can be used up to 5 days after sex, but it’s more effective the sooner you take it.


There are two different pills that are available or you may be able to be fitted with an emergency intrauterine device (IUD) though this service is not always available in surgery.


If you require emergency contraception please speak to a receptionist who will usually arrange for you to speak to a doctor on the telephone.


If you are unable to get to the surgery or if we are not open you can also get the emergency contraception from local pharmacies (though this is only the emergency contraceptive pill which is effective up to 3 days after sex), NHS Walk in Centres (City Centre or Selly Oak) or from a Brook Centre (for up to 25s). Emergency contraception is NOT available from the out of hours GP service.



Routine contraception:


– condoms are available at reception


– hormonal methods – please make an appointment to see Nurse Debbie for guidance on the contraceptive pill (combined and progesterone only) contraceptive patches, contraceptive  implants (eg.Implanon/Nexplanon), contraceptive injections and hormone containing intrauterine system (IUS eg Mirena).


– Intrauterine contraceptive devices – IUCDs  (coils) – Please discuss these with our Practice Nurse.